Welcome to Aljdaas Isles, Inc

We offer personalized consulting and management. Help is just a phone call away, 561-444-7133 or aljdaasisles@gmail.com

The primary function of the business is to find, recruit, record, and promote music from new artists within the South Florida United States. The business intends to provide all of the services needed to record, master, and distribute its proprietary music library.

After a new artist or music group is found, the business will actively begin artist development, the production of an album and a music video. The most economically viable single(s) on the album will be released for immediate distribution among iTunes, MySpace, radio stations, You Tube (for videos), and for release among prominent industry executives.

As time progresses and Aljdaas Isles Record Label artists become popular, the business may also release DVD compilations featuring music videos, music tracks, and recordings/videos of live performances.

The Company’s marketing campaigns will include the use of online, print, media, and outdoor advertising campaigns to not only promote the artist themselves but the content that they will be introducing to the public at large. The Aljdaas Isles Record Label will also use outdoor street teams as a guerilla marketing tactic. This strategy has been very popular in the music industry and has been met with tremendous success.

Product and Service – to the talented artist (all genre of music)

 Artist Development – Technical skills to enhance the artist performance on stage to be more marketable.

Management – Personalized management to help develop the artist into an industry success.

Producer and writer – to produce and engineer music fit for the artist and for the industry.

Dance – Personalize sessions for artist to develop skills necessary for stage performance

Image consultant – will provide personal service such as clothes, hair and make-up to help create a look and image to enhance sales and the branding of the artist.

Publishing and Distributing

Product to the Industry

Aljdaas Isles, Inc.  goals are to developed passionate and talented artist for the entertainment industry, producing and distribution of music to the public.

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