Aljdaas Isles, Inc.

Aljdaas Isles, Inc. is multifaceted entertainment company that is currently developing its musical production capabilities so that the business can promote the music of its signed artists from the onset of operations. The business produces artist tracks and downloadable media for each production completed by the business. Aljdaas Isles will provide to its talents to ensure marketability – mixing, producing, artist development, engineering, management, publishing, recording and distribution of music.


To achieve these goals, Aljdaas Isles Recording Label, Inc will engage an expansive traditional and online marketing campaign to promote album sales, online sales of downloadable music, promotion, and tours of the artists. The Company will also hold a number of promotional events globally, venues concurrently promoted by Aljdaas Isles Recording Label, Inc for its artists.

Smith III – Born To Shine

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